construction of rooftopAre you looking for a professional roofing contractor to help you with a repair or a new installation? If so, then your best option in Louisville, KY is our company. Dura Group Roofing Company was started in 1978, and our specialists have always provided high-quality services to our clients. Over the years, we have established many great friendships with our fellow residents, and we have always been loyal to all of them. As the number one roofing contractor in the area, we will make sure that your home is provided with a safe and durable roof. We offer services for all types of roofs and are proud to say that we work with most insurance companies. Our company is “A” rated by the BBB and is licensed, insured, and bonded. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

For the leading Roofer in Louisville, KY,
call (502) 324-4141.

Roofer working on a roofWhen it comes to reliable roofers, the best way to find out whether your roof is in good condition is to put your trust into reliable roofing inspectors. They will determine if you need to take any repair actions. Dura Group Roofing Company will provide you with a thorough inspection of your roof and will provide you with the needed repairs. We can also provide you with a new roof installation, so be sure to give us a call. Unlike us none, of the other companies in Louisville, KY‘s area are capable of providing our top quality. Many residents in Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas have chosen us to be their trusted roof consultants. Now is the time for you to join them and receive outstanding services.

If you wish to hire a professional roof consultant in Louisville, KY
to handle your repair:

Dura Group Roofing Company
Louisville, KY
Phone: (502) 324-4141
Additional phone: (502) 817-3229

by Jerry T. Barns on

When my grandma passed away, she left me her old house. It was in very bad condition, and I decided to have it completely remodeled. When the time came for me to look for a professional roof consultant, I wanted to make sure that I had the best company working for me, and after extensive research, I came across your business. You were of great help, thank you very much!

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