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How to Determine If It’s Time to Call a Roofing Company

There are two major types of roofing problems: the ones that are obvious and easy to spot and the ones that stay hidden until major damage is revealed. However, each of these problems can be identified through the early signs that they present. For instance, signs of rot, leakage, and rust indicate that you’re dealing with a problem that is visible, obvious, and easy to fix. However, when it comes to hidden problems, the signs are harder to spot. Still, this doesn’t mean that your roof is not in need of immediate repair. In this article, you will learn hot to spot hidden problems and how to determine if these problems require the expertise of a professional roofing company.


Sagging is a process where the entire roof is going through some major structural changes that often affect its look and efficiency. However, sagging is not something that happen overnight. This is a long process that can span through a period of several years. However, just because it acts slowly than other roofing problems, it doesn’t mean that sagging in not an extremely dangerous issue. By not dealing with this problem on time, the roof will eventually collapse under its own weight.

This is a common problem to older roofs that were built with rafters instead of trusses. The design of these roofs allows for the rafters to sag and move away one from each other over time. Once the rafters reach a certain distance from one another, a collapse is imminent. It is crucial that you keep your rafter in perfect condition so that they never reach those levels.


We’ve notice a certain “trend” in the roofing industry of adding new roofing materials over existing ones. Although there are some roofs that are suitable for this sort of re-roofing technique, they are only a few. Most roofs can’t support additional weight. However, in order to cut costs and reduce labor hours, homeowners decide to go with re-roofing instead of a full roof replacement. Make sure that you consult a professional roofing company before you make such critical decisions.

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