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by Jerry T. Barns on

When my grandma passed away, she left me her old house. It was in very bad condition, and I decided to have it completely remodeled. When the time came for me to look for a professional roof consultant, I wanted to make sure that I had the best company working for me, and after extensive research, I came across your business. You were of great help, thank you very much!

by Loretta M. Jones on

Ever since we bought our house, I had a feeling that something was wrong with it. Every time it rained, some of the rooms on the top floor developed mold. Although there were no visible leaks when it rained, I was positive that something was off with our roofing. I decided not to wait any longer and started looking for a reliable roofing company that could help me with this issue. Your professionals were very kind, understanding, and performed an outstanding service, thank you!

by Wilson K. Rains on

A few months ago, during a storm, a branch from a nearby tree fell on top of my roof and rolled down in my front yard. Since there was no visible damage, I assumed that the branch hadn't done any damage, so I didn't look for a reliable roofing company then. It was the next time it rained that I realized that I should have consulted your business earlier. Thank you very much for fixing my roofing!

by Tommy C. Downs on

I don't like leaving anything to chance, and this is why I have made my very own "house maintenance" routine. The weather started to get warm, and I wanted to make sure that my roof was in proper condition, before the weather started to worsen. After looking online for a reliable roofing inspector, I saw that your business came highly recommended, and this is why I chose you. Thank you for your prompt response and professional service!

by Miranda Rogers on

When the ceiling in my kitchen started to leak, I honestly didn't know what to make of it. I went several times outside of the house to see if there were any tiles on the ground, but everything seemed fine at first sight. When the leaks continued next time it rained, I decided to hire a reliable roofing contractor. I am more than impressed with your work, thank you for helping me so promptly!

by T. Rawdy on

It's the very first time I've had to personally deal with a professional roofing contractor. And honestly.. the results speak for themselves. The my entire roof had gotten in a really bad shape and after some serious renovations and repairs I must say that thing now is a manifest of Dura Group Roofing Company's work quality. Just awesome, thanks a bunch guys!

by Fernando L. on

I would like to whole heatedly express my gratitude for Dura Group's roof consultant and it's great thorough work. If you're in Louisville, KY don't hesitate and get them on your case pronto! Now here's where my roof comes in since I'd like to share in detail what my issues were. Now it was way, way long overdue a roof inspection. But being so that I ercently moved here I didn't know any. So I garbbed my phone and started browsing away. An hour or so in that search and read trough pages of local roofers Dura Group seemed like a reasonable choice. And right off the bat even on the phone I was sold on them. In a couple of miniuts I managed to schedule with one of their inspectors. The guy went over everything up from the gutters down trough to the downspouts, he didn't skimm on the shingles or the insulation. Afterwards I was provided with a detailed report also filled with pictures. So naturaly I hired them to aslo take care of the repairs. I believe you can easily imagine the results were again of the same high quality. They are quite expedite and reliable, the repaired shingles look as good as the day they set them. They give you options with recommendations concerning the materials, which are all rather high quality. For any roof problems you might have I positively recommend Dura Group!

by Downey D. on

I had a seriously aged roof and certain spots were starting to appear here and there, minor water droplets leading to stains on the floor.. you get the picture. I got a few insane quotes and some rather on par, even had another roofing contractor prior to that come to look at it on site, but ultimately I chose to go with Dura Group. Just the the basic communication was easy an straight to the point with them all fair and square.
It might seem as a minor, probably even irrelevant thing but you'd be amazed at what I had to deal previously. All in all it turned out to be a rather simple and relatively non pricey solution to get it all fixed up, mostly some under boards and such stuff. So I'll gladly say get them on your roof they have a great work ethic and you might shave off some unnecessary expenses.

by L. Gully on

Truly unmatched as roof repairs go! And I have to admit I am a rather pick man, never shying away from giving critique to whatever is at hand. Though on the flip side I am always pleased when the opportunity present me the chance to give a nice shout out. Much obliged for your fine work!

by Max on

I hired Dura Group Roofing Company to see what was wrong with my roof, as there were leaks in the attic. They provided me with great services and determined what the problem was through their detailed inspection. I was very happy with their work and will call them again if future issues occur. Keep up the good work.

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