Homeroofing companyWatch Out for These 3 Roofing Scams

How to Pick a Professional Roof Repair Contractor?

In the world of roofing, there are many companies that will promise you to perform a flawless roof replacement, repair, or an inspection. However, the results after the roofers leave might be catastrophic. To avoid paying an arm and a leg for a project with poor results, you should always hire a professional roof repair contractor to get the job done. You can do that by avoiding the following roofing scams:

  • The storm chasers; What do they do? You will see them knocking on your door usually after a storm offering their services to inspect and eventually fix your roof. You must beware of such post-storm scammers because very often, they may do some damage even if your system looks absolutely fine. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you can ask for an appropriate license and insurance and never agree to that kind of offer as a whole.
  • High-pressure sales tactics; Another very common fraud is to see “specialists” coming at your door offering you an exclusive deal to check and eventually repair your roof at a low cost only today. You should never fall for such a fraud because usually these unprofessional roofers are only after your money not paying too much attention what’s going on your rooftop;
  • The mysteriously disappearing down payment: If a team of workers show up all of a sudden asking to inspect your roofing system and ask for a big amount of money up front, never agree on that kind of deal, professionals advise. A professional company would never use such a technique to gain clients in the first place. They will try to convince you that your roof is in big trouble and you will have to pay a lot of money in advance for materials and supplies. Red flag! They are simply trying to cheat you and will most probably disappear as soon as you pass them your check.

If you need a legitimate and professional roof repair company to handle your roof inspection and repair in Louisville, KY, you can rely on us. Let our team of trained and qualified roofers get the job done in an affordable and efficient manner. You can get in touch with Dura Group Roofing Company at (502) 324-4141.


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